Guild Meetings

Guild Rules


GM - Founder of Gears of Warcraft

Officers - Members with guild assigned duties

Raiders - Temp title used for guild repairs while raiding

Exalted - Members that are exalted with the guild

Members – Normal guild members and alts

Initiates – Trial period, minimal access


We strive to make the guild enjoyable for each member.  If we feel that your presence would be detrimental to our guild’s dynamic and harmony, we reserve the right to deny your application or remove you without warning.



Some basic guidelines that we encourage you to follow:

Be nice

Be helpful

Don’t be annoying

Don’t be greedy

Be active

Be self-sufficient

Blizzard's Code of Conduct and Terms of Service (ToS) supersedes this code of conduct.  Please read Blizzard's Code of Conduct and ToS, and be aware of what is expected of all players at all times.

Gears of Warcraft supports the right of every player, both in and out of the guild, to enjoy their gaming experience.  Therefore:

  • Treat all as you would like to be treated.
  • Avoid public confrontations

Members of Gears of Warcraft are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect positively on the guild and its leadership.

  • Language PG-13 rated in public chat (in game and on voice chat)
  • No griefing of any kind (in and out of guild)
  • No begging for gold or items
  • Respect the property of others, both in and outside the guild.
  • Respect all quests and quest lines.
  • When possible, take advantage of mentoring so that all members in the guild can strengthen skills to make us a better team.
  • Mentoring is not telling another guild member how to play their class.  Be respectful.

Only the Raid Officer, Alt Raid Officer, Achievement officer or the Events Officer are allowed to schedule guild activities. We encourage members to get together and dungeon, raid and socialize. However, scheduled guild raids, guild achievement runs and guild events are to be approved by the appropriate officer so as to not interfere with other scheduled events.

Proper lines of disciplinary action will be taken against guild members found in violation, in part or whole.


Guild Administration:

Issues that result in immediate expulsion:

1. Any action that violates Blizzard’s Terms of Use (that thing you scroll to the bottom so you can click accept after installing every patch).  This includes botting, hacking, harassing another player, etc.  Names that incorporate vulgar language or which are otherwise offensive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable are not allowed. If you are caught doing anything for which Blizzard, itself, would suspend your account, you will be removed from Gears of Warcraft.

2. Blatant disrespect for the guild, its officers, or its members.

3. Purposely and intentionally ninja-ing loot.


Issues that result in immediate action (three-strike policy):

1. Do not speak ill of other guilds or players in public areas.  We have respect for all players in the World of Warcraft, unless they are truly terrible people.  Refrain from doing anything that would cause inter-guild drama or reflect poorly on Gears of Warcraft, no matter how much you might hate someone.  Speak with an Officer / GM, and we will work to rectify the issue.

2. Knowingly taking from the guild bank items that are not intended for your toon that is currently a member of the guild. Taking and selling items from the Guild Bank.

Gears of Warcraft has a 3 strike policy.  Your first strike is your warning.  If you get two strikes, you will be demoted to Initiate rank or removed from Gears of Warcraft.  Three strikes and you will be removed from Gears of Warcraft.


Guild Recruitment:

Guild members approached by interested players – please direct them to the guild application on the website or PM an officer. The officers will review the application once it is submitted. New members will be added as Initiates by a guild Officer. Officers will get to know the new guild member prior to promoting them to Member status.



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