Guild Master

DarkaerisMember Relations & Banker



Shicon Raid officer
Elmerfuzz – Event Officer
Jemmuhas - OG 
 – Collections/Achievements Officer

Rubbur PVP Officer
Blackclaws – Website Officer
Vampcorpse Bank Officer
Shicon – OG
Renesie TBD

  * All officers must be active and contributing to the guild. (Exception planned absentees; such as vacation or job deployment - Alt must be designated)


Member Relations Officer


 Guild Bank Officer


Guild Website Officer


Raid Officer / Raid Assistant

Guild Collections/Achievements Officer


PVP Officer


Raid Council

The Raid Council is made up of an odd number dedicated individuals that are committed to making sure that raiding continues to be fun for all team members while progressing through current content.

Raid Council eligibility is based on continuous membership in a GoW raid team. Raid Leaders are always council members.