Epic Raiding


Raid Rules

It takes hard work and dedication to complete the top tier raids in WoW. Extracting that satisfying last breath from the final boss is not easy. We must be able to get back up from every wipe with determination, knowledge and wanting more. 

Attendance - We ask for 100% attendance. If something unavoidable comes up and you cannot attend, you must notify the Raid Leader or an officer.  Failure to do this will be taken as you are not reliable and you will be removed as a Raid Member. We expect a commitment to attend scheduled raids every week. Not signing up on the calendar does not count as notification. There are many ways to contact a raid leader, officer or raid team member: Guild Chat in-game or on the Mobile Armory (Android/iOS), Facebook GOW-Lightbringer, private messages via this website, text or email (see raid leader for personal contact info).

Respect - Every Raid Member is important and should be treated with respect. This means no put downs, yelling or arguing. Stay with the group and behind the tanks. No SwapBlasters, trying to pull people off cliffs, freezing the water at the bottom of a jump, pulling the boss on purpose, or trying to kill other raid members outside of battle.

Twitch Chatter - Talking must be kept to a minimum before and during the fights, allowing the Raid Leader to give instructions and call-outs to be heard. Keep the discussion to the battle at hand between fights.

Mechanics - While all suggestions are appreciated, please do not attempt to direct the raid or change tactics. We know that at times you may have suggestions or other information that may help in a situation. These suggestions should be brought up to the entire group and whispers kept to a minimum.  Make the suggestions to the Raid Leader at the appropriate time (between fights). Let the Raid Leader make the decision on the best way to move forward. This will cause less confusion and all members will be on the same tactics.

Loot Locking- Do not kill/loot bosses that we may kill during our raid lockout periods. This becomes a problem when the gear that would normally go to our team has already been handed out to a PUG group. Failure to follow these rules may lead to your removal from the raid team.

PVE Gear - Every Raid Member must have a full set of talent-specific PVE gear. All pieces must be gemmed and enchanted. Please see guild Jewelcrafter (Jemmuhaus) and Enchanter (Darkaeris). This means that if you will be running as two roles you will need two sets. If you need help to obtain this requirement please ask for help. Every raider must make an effort to improve their gear outside of our team raids, such as: LFRs, World Bosses, Heroic Dungeons, Reputations and Legendary Quest Items.

Looting - Raiders should be considerate of their fellow team members. If you win a piece that is a small upgrade but know that it is a big upgrade for a team mate, make the offer. They might return the favor later when you need it more.

*Request - Please donate any profession mats to the toon with that profession or deposit in the guild bank. By donating, this will keep the guild bank stocked up so that all members will benefit. 

Programs - All Raid Members must have Twitch with microphone AND up-to-date Deadly Boss Mods.

Be Prepared - All Raid Members must show up on-time, repaired, with necessary food buffs, potions and consumables, and have knowledge of the upcoming battles. This means visiting the GOW website, reading the fight strategies and watching the videos that are posted. In addition, you should seek out information from the internet on your specific class. Sometimes a Glyph or Talent change can make all the difference in a difficult fight. You must show up with the toon assigned to the raid team. Do not change toons or roles unless approved by the Raid Leader.

Breaks - During the raid we may have scheduled breaks where a time will be specified to return. This is a good time to go and fix your gear or grab tokens. Please be back and ready to go at the specified time.

Understanding - Be prepared to wipe multiple times. Be understanding of teammates that are learning certain mechanics and don’t be hard on yourself if you’re having trouble. Be resolved to keep trying and afterwards to spend some time researching that boss and what you can do differently.

AFK - If you need a break, outside of a scheduled break, then let the Raid Leader know and set yourself to AFK. Anyone AFK for longer than 10 minutes will be removed from the raid and replaced. No leaving the raid except for during scheduled breaks. No rage-quitting, which is not only grounds for removal from the raid team, but also from the guild.

Raid Scheduling - Only the Raid Leaders have the authority to schedule current content guild raids. If you are signed up for a guild raid, please do not enter that raid until the proper time.

Please reach out to the Raid leader, GM or an Officer should you need help with any of the requirements listed above or have questions.

If you are interested in becoming a Raid Member you must notify a Raid Leader or council member and state that you accept these rules. If a spot is available the council will decide if you make the team. If not you will be classified as an Alt-raider. Alt-Raiders have seniority if and when a spot opens up.