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BFA Raiding Rules Updates

Loot is now personal – Master Looter is no longer available. What you get is what you get!  
However, if you do happen to receive a tradable piece that you cannot use, keep your teammates in mind and put it up for rolls! What benefits the team, benefits the individual! Honor system!
BOE's if you pick it up its yours. We do again ask that you keep the team in mind.
Attendance – 100%
Raiders under an 80% average over a 3-month period will receive a warning.  3 warnings and you will be removed from the team.
Absences must be communicated to the raider leaders prior to missing or will be considered no shows. Showing up late or leaving early counts as an absence. FB Messenger, text message, in game mail, twitch message, talk to an officer, etc. If you need a break say so. If you have work or something comes up, take the 2 seconds to send a message. Give your team the heads up! 3 no shows and you will be removed from the team.
Special accommodations can be made on a temporary basis only and must be communicated and approved by raid leaders.
Emergencies, major sickness, power outages, or things entirely out of your control will not be held against you.
Behavoir: It's not fair to the rest of the team if you get tired, drunk, a headache, or frustrated and say "Bye everyone" or logoff. Every Raider needs to be focused for the entirety of the raid. If we give it our all, every pull, the whole night, the team gets better and we all get more loot. Also keep in mind, if alcohol effects your gameplay, you are effecting the whole team. You might think you're getting better... you're not.
Team Materials:
We have always provided Pots and Food for the team so that the team has every advantage!
The tables and flasks or cauldrons do not make themselves. Please help the team by donating mats or the items on a regular basis!
Mechanics: Do them always! Don't stand in anything...unless you're supposed to. Know the difference.

Raid Time

Wed 6:15pm - 8:00pm Pacific

Sat 4:15pm - 8:00pm Pacific

2 x 10min breaks on Sat


Raid Leader

Supreme Commander Darkaeris


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