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Gears of Warcraft is a casual guild formed by a group of friends and family of all ages that want to build a secure drama free guild where we can concentrate on having fun and exploring WoW in our own way. 

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Congrats on 6/7!

by Blackclaws, 110 days ago

Congrats to the raid team on the Cenarius kill!!!

New video for Xavius is up on the Raiding tab. Head on over there and get prepared for Saturday!

Reminder: mats donations are needed for flasks, potions and food. See Dark for more info.


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Nythenrda down!

by Blackclaws, 116 days ago

Congrats to the raid team for taking down Nythendra on the first night!

Be prepared to take on Dragons of Nightmare AND Il'gynoth on Saturday. ilvl 835 required, 840+ preferred.

This would be a good time for all raiders, new and returning, to review the Raid rules on the Raid tab.


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Raid guides are up on the Raid tab

by Blackclaws, 126 days ago

Head over to the Raid tab and watch the latest FatBoss guides.

Il'gynoth video guide coming as soon as it is posted.


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Guild Annoucement

by Darkaeris, 156 days ago

It is with deep sadness that I announce the loss of a family member, friend and one of the Gears of Warcraft Founders. Shalakoos help to make and build this guild that we call home. He has not played recently, but for those of us that had the pleasure of playing beside him, we will remember him as friendly, fun, kind of quiet, but always helpful and knowledgeable. He will forever live on in the heart of Gears of Warcraft. Always remembered... RIP!

Chakotay Xavier - (Shalakoos, Gimmly, Smiley)


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Gow Raiding

by Darkaeris, 195 days ago

Mythic CuC Raiding Team - Way to end the season team! Lets come back even stronger in Legion.



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Gow Raiding

by Darkaeris, 198 days ago

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GOW Raiding

by Darkaeris, 199 days ago

Calling all Main Team Raiders!! Legion Raiding Details Are Here!


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Legion arrives 8/30/16!!!

by Blackclaws, 274 days ago

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Guild News

by Darkaeris, 295 days ago

Our guild of 4 years, 5 months, 12 days and 3 expansions has never been as great as it is today!

Our guild is currently ranked 19th on Lightbringer! We have a raider in the top 10 of his class and many more in the top 20 for their class on the server. Our raid team last expansion completed heroics right before the launch of WoD and now we are 3/13 Mythic with a few months to go. Let's see how much we can accomplish before Legion hits!

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