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PostPosted: 2013/08/05 5:20 pm    Post subject: Guild Alert

Attention All Guild Members!! Help is Needed. The Guild Bank is going broke!! Slowing being rob!!

Why you ask?!? How did this happen?!? Who would do such a thing??

This is who!

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Tortos is Evil, but the fate of Azeroth rests in our hands and it is our responsibility to stop him at all costs!! He is at the moment kicking our asses and costing us a lot in repairs, food and flasks. However, don’t fret we will take him down!! Right now our raid team is gaining ground and on the road to victory. We just need a little help making sure that our stocks don’t reach critical levels.

How can you help?
By making sure that the guild completes all the required Heroics and Scenarios every week. Each one completed puts 250 gold in the bank that can be used to defeat Tortos and the other evil bosses ahead. As a guild, we get gold if 3 guildies complete 15 Scenarios and 7 Heroic Dungeons.
22 runs a week. That’s just 3 runs a day our guild needs to complete.

Another way - you can donate MOP mats to the bank!!

The world thanks you for your help!!

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