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PostPosted: 2014/12/05 2:30 pm    Post subject: CuC Raiding

CuC Raid Team Prep –

Now that we are back to raiding. It is time to talk about raid maintenance. As with any army, resources are need to feed, armor and repair the team.

1) Thank you to everyone that has provided mats to help stock the team with food and flasks. A special thanks to Jemmuhas, Tyrantkhan and Fatalclaw who donated the most.

2) Thank you to everyone that has sent mats and/or provided gear for disenchanting so that we can gem and enchant the team. Special thanks to Jemmuhas, Tyrantkhan and Ohlo for giving the most.

We have a good supply to get us started, but it will go fast and faster now that we have a larger team. I ask that everyone make an effort to donate any spare mats, tables, flasks, gems or enchants to help the team. Fish and Meat for the tables, Herbs and crescent fish for the flasks and potions, Ore both Dark and Iron for the gems, and BOE gear to be disenchanted for the enchants. Please deposit any donations in the gbank, tab 7.

The guild pays for raid repairs, but only as long as there is gold in the gbank. Thanks to Cormia’s awesome events at the end of SoO and everyone’s donations. We have a good amount in there atm. However, if we don’t replenish it will go down fast. I am asking that everyone make an effort to run the weekly dungeons, as guild group, to get the extra gold bonus.

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