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PostPosted: 2014/11/11 2:49 pm    Post subject: Guild News

Raiding Update -

We are no longer going to have scheduled SoO guild raids on Thursday’s. With the expansion being released this week, it’s time to level, explore and have fun in WoD. Once the main raid team has completed High Maul (HM), we will start HM guild raids on Thursday’s.

Also, we will be continuing the SoO Mythic runs on Saturday’s, so don’t miss out this Sat! Why you say? “The gear will be low level compared to WoD gear.”

Yes - you are correct, but we are about having fun. Here are some more reasons to continue raiding Mythic:

1) The enjoyment of grouping up with friends and having fun taking down bosses.

2) Seeing that Siege of Orgrimmar Mythic achievement pop on our screen.

3) Having the Garrosh Mythic Legendary weapon.

4) We have be careful to keep the devastating side effects from raid withdrawals to a minimum while we wait for WoD Raiding!
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