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PostPosted: 2014/01/31 6:46 pm    Post subject: CUC Raiding

Tips to Defeating Malkorok

  • Tanks must perform a tank switch on Malkorok, in order to handle the Fatal Strike Icon Fatal Strike debuff.

  • Raiders spread out around the platform to minimise the damage taken from Seismic Slam Icon Seismic Slam.

  • Raiders avoid getting hit by Arcing Smash Icon Arcing Smash, and they must also avoid being in the locations affected by Arcing Smash when Breath of Y'Shaarj Icon Breath of Y'Shaarj is cast.

  • Each Imploding Energy Icon Imploding Energy void zone must be soaked by one person with highest shield.

Raiders -  have to avoid taking any unnecessary damage, since Ancient Miasma Icon Ancient Miasma makes it impossible to heal players. While damage absorption shields can stack up to 100% of a player's maximum health, players who temporarily lose their shield and take damage cannot be healed up (but they can be re-shielded).


Blood Rage Phase - When boss reaches 100% rage.

 Everyone stack up in front of him. Here, the raid will have to undergo a gruelling 20-second phase of very intense raid damage. Healers should have defensive cooldowns prepared for this.

 Players will be affected by Displaced Energy Icon Displaced Energy. These players must move out of the raid to a location where they must be dispelled or wait until their debuff expires. As soon as their debuff is gone, they should move back in with the rest of the raid.

** Time Warp at the start!!

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