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PostPosted: 2012/05/17 3:38 pm    Post subject: Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul Run – Saturday, May 19 @ 4pm Server

We are tackling Dragon Soul again this weekend. Our goal is to defeat Warmaster Blackhorn, who through sheer luck, happen to take us down last Sat. This week we will catch him off his guard and show him what the deck tastes like.

Make sure to come prepared for all eight bosses, you never know we may surprise ourselves yet again and make to see Deathwing fall.

Raid Preparation Checklist
1) Sign up on in-game calendar
2) Go to website and read strategy guides, boss tips, watch videos for each boss and check your website email for tips from Shicon or Dark.
3) Check gear for missing enchants, gems or buckle
4) Set up raider with suggested macros, spells and buffs
5) Get food buffs, potions and regain consumables (there is a good stock in the guild bank)
6) Make sure you have snacks and drinks ready for the raid
7) Go to website and read strategy guides, boss tips and watch videos for each boss (Why twice you say??? because it is that important!)
8) Show up ready to have fun and kick some butt

Have questions, please message Shicon or Darkaeris. Happy
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