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re: Etiquette

Courtesy while Grouped

Whether you are in a guild group or a pug group we expect all our guild members to act in a friendly and courteous manner. This means:

1) Don’t put down other people.
2) Help if someone doesn’t know a fight.
3) Try hard not to participant in chat fights and keep language clean.
4) Stay with the group unless it is required to split up.

5) Stick to the following loot rules:

a) Need if you are going to use an item. (Putting something on the AH does not count as using it)
b) If rolling need for an off spec, please announce that to the group
c) Greed if you are not going to use the item, but can sell it at the AH or send it to another toon
d) Pass if you cannot use the item and cannot sell it.
e) If you invite people to a group so that you can get something specific. Make sure to announce this when asking. If you forget then it is only fare for the other people to roll need as well, if they can use the item.
f) If someone needs an item more than you do, be generous especially with other guild members. (that could be you next time)

We have had several guild members (now our friends) that joined during a pug group. :D
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