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re: Guild Event


Pictures or it didn't happen scavenger hunt list

  1. This gentleman forged 2 legendary hammers. He also constructed; Shadowforge city, Stonewrought Dam, and Stonewrought pass. You need to take a picture with him, and at each location he constructed. At each of the locations you need to do 1 of 3 things; jump from, take a goofy selfie, & enjoy the scenery with a friend. Keep in mind when you do 1 of 3 you need to do the ones you didn't choose at the other locations.
  2. Through my travels during MoP I had heard rumors of a flying turtle. Some say you he flies the northern coast. If you see him give him a hug. Then look back and take a picture.
  3. Do you ever get so into your music that you just have to drum along with the beat? This guy is a “Drum Master”. Start a dance party with him and take a picture.
  4. Let a sleeping Dragon lie. Yea right, go poke it I dare ya. Take a picture while tempting fate when poking it.
  5. We queue, or battle our friends in pet battles. Well the critters at this location are in a constant battle with each other! Bring one of your battle pets out to let them see how good they have it with you as master. Take a picture with your battle pet with the craziest critter you can find.
  6. Baa Baa boom sheep. Take a picture after the destruction.
  7. Do you ever feel like your toon needs to relax after a stressful night of raiding? At this location you can do just that. Take pictures mingling with other guests and kicking back relaxing.
  8. Don't forget to pack your dancing shoes for this scavenger hunt. You'll need them at this next location. This place has a 24hr dance party happening. Show us your moves. See if the regulars can teach you the Voodoo shuffle ( not to be confused with the Cupid Shuffle).
  9. Last but certainly not least, this last list of NPC's you will need to grab a friend buy a pig skin and go play pickle in the middle with:      Nefarian      Illidan     Patchwerk       Ooondasta

Email your picture proof to gow.lightbringer@gmail.com.

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