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re: Guild Event

Big Boyz Run!!

This is an extreme escort/relay event!! Not for the faint of heart. There will be two level one Toons, and these toons will need to be escorted across various level areas. The Goal is to get your level one to the finish line first. The Race is on the 26th of this month and give plenty of time for anyone to flush out a character for the race if they do not have one.

The rules: No mounts of any kind, No use of flight paths, this must all be done on ground level. You may use any spell, talent or skill to keep your level one alive.

Explanation: We will all be in a raid group. Everyone not escorting will wait and their designated locations for the level one to be passed off to them. Once you have passed off your level one travel to the Arboretum in Pandaria to await the arrival of the winner. We need two toons for each leg of the escort. This is a team event.

Thelsmar in Loch Modan to Aerie Peak in The Hinterlands. (Level 50 - 55) There the Level one will be passed off to be taken to Lights Hope in Eastern Plaguelands. (Level 60 - 65) A portal will be waiting to whisk the level one to Shattrath City where the next guardian (Level 70 - 75) will escort them to Ango’Rosh Ground in Zangarmarsh to another waiting portal to Dalaran. From here they will take the flight path to Valiance Keep where the next guardian will pick them up and escort them to Death’s Rise in Ice Crown. (Level 80 - 85) Once more a Portal will be waiting to take our ‘Bait’ to the Vale where the last guardian will escort (Level 90)them to the Arboretum and the finish line.

If we do not have enough individual players for each leg of the trip and one person has several characters of various level we attempt to ensure a smooth transitions between characters for the sake of the race.

**Please Let me(Snow) Know what leg of the race you want and I will update the race information so people know what sections are already taken.**

Those that escorted the winning level one will be able to choose one item from the lists below. The "Bait" will be rewarded with 500 gold.

Mats: Herbs, Ore, Cloth, Cooking Ingredients (You will receive 5 stacks of twenty)

Battle Pet: Mountain Panda, Fungal abomination, Mini Mind slayer, Netherspace Abyssal, Menagerie Custodian, and Lesser Voidcaller

Gear: One piece of gear made for any one of your toons.

Gold: 500
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