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PostPosted: 2015/03/05 6:03 pm    Post subject: Guild News

Guild Official and Unofficial Events and General Goings On!!

Monday – General craziness with some slackers hurrying to get things done before server reset! A day for the farming of garrison resources. Better enjoy it while you can, those riverbeasts and epic wolves are bound to become extinct soon.

Tuesday – Mad dash to get LFRs & World Bosses downed while the groups are slightly tolerable. (I did say slightly) Watch out for groups that include Kil or Draco, you may find the group wiping with everyone at a loss to why and Kil and Draco are in the corner with smug smiles. (Ya were on to you two)

Wednesday – CuC Raid Night, A chance for the CuC Raiders to unleash mid-week frustrations out on Heroic HM bosses. (Better to unleash some whoop ass out on the HM bosses then your RL !)
*If you're level 100 with an ilevel of 650+ and want to raid please message Darkaeris (Mage imitating a raid leader)

Thursday – Laid back, taking it easy, doing some left over miscellaneous tasks. Trash run at 7pm, and no this is not a run to clear out all trash from WoW. After all, trade chat needs its trash for some minor entertainment during downtime. 
*All level 100 with an ilevel of 630+ are welcome to join.

Friday – Alt Raid Night. A chance for the Alt Raiders to celebrate the ending of the week with the slaughtering of HM bosses. Side attraction: The master of all disc priest tries to bestow some of his awesomeness & knowledge on his fellow priest, May the force be with you Jemm. (Taking bets btw.) 
*If your level 100 with an ilevel of 630+ and want to raid please message Blackclaws. (Tank and Raidleader – wow that takes some skill)

Saturday – Tyrant has breakfast with Ultraxion (bet you didn’t know that Death!) A good day for frolicking out and about on personal mission to better our toons and garrisons. (While Spawn wastes away next to a tree, hoping for a portal). CuC raiding in the afternoon, off to, yes, pick on those poor BRF bosses. Such a great time bonding with your fellow raiders over ogre guts, flaming pop tarts, mad wolf pals and organized chaos! Plus the ritual picking on the rogue. (Why you say? Because we all know deep down that his dps is epically superior to our own and if he were to release his full power we would quit wow and run crying to our mothers!)

Sunday – Morning guild relaxation. A time to contemplate the little things, set unreachable goals, and run around your garrison stopping to have one sided, but very interesting, conversations with your followers (Meatball is a hoot!) Then in the afternoons it is time to run classic raids for achievements (of course we do it solely for the fun, not the mounts. Duh) Side Attraction: A great chance to show off that awesome new transmog! Yes Mac you can bring all your alts to show them off too! Yes Kari, you can bring your fifth transmog this week. 
*All guildies of proper level for that raid are welcome to attend. The lovely Cormia will lead us through to the satisfying completion of each achievement.

Wow I can not believe that you actually read this whole post! You must be boredtongue emoticon

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