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Welcome to the Guild Bank!!


We want to encourage our members to donate to the bank and thus to the future of our Guild. We have established a few guidelines to help minimize over stocking the bank. The banker is Bankerbaby. The GB is not for your personal storage, unless approved by the Banker or the GM.

Profession Materials: We understand that everyone would like to help those with various professions to build them up or help in the production of items that the guild uses most. Draenor Herbs, Fur, Ore, Hide, Dust/Temporal Crystals, Pigments/Paints and Fish are the main items needed by the guild. All other lower level items will be sold as they are not needed by the guild. Keep surplus items for your profession in your personal bank.

Armor: Armor donated to the bank should be of a 630+ ilvl, blue, or purple in color. All gear below 630 will be sold by the guild. Members of the guild have blacksmithing, tailoring, and leather working – as such armor can be made by members of the guild for your characters all you have to do is request the items and contribute to the making of them.

Do not put Transmog items in the Bank

Enchantments/Inscription: Enchantments, and Glyphs for higher levels are not inexpensive. The only way to get the mats is to disenchant gear of level 600 or higher, and farming of herbs for ink pigment. A number of Enchantments, and Glyphs are placed in the guild bank for member use, if you are in need of a higher level enchant or Glyph, please contribute to the making of said item.

Consumables: Low level consumables are not generally needed by guild members as everyone has cooking. A limited amount of low level potions will be kept in the bank. If you need potions of flasks, look to the professions tab for the Guild and request them from someone with that profession but offer to help in providing the mats. Tables, potions, and such for the Raid teams are held in the Raid tab, and are the major items needed.

Misc. Items: Please do not put Lockboxes, quest items, or items that have no use to anyone in the GB. The profession made items are all that will be allowed in the Misc. tab. Bags, toys, engineering items and such. Seasonal items are allowed to help members with Seasonal quests and dailies but once the season is over the items will be removed by the banker. Excess items for legendary quests are also being allowed in this tab (e.g. Primordial Saronite).

Updates: Bankerbaby is a non-played toon that was created only for the task of monitoring the bank, selling unwanted items, and keeping general order. If wish you may mail items to Bankerbaby (The banker), he will be sure that those items are placed on the AH. Once sold a weekly update to the officers will reflect that the profits came from whoever sent them.

  • The bank is not here to take out items and sell. If you are caught doing this you will be removed from the guild.
  • Please use the items but be sure to contribute back to the bank.
  • Donations to the bank - All donations are final. Your donations are greatly appreciated!




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